Wisdom Click

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Wisdom Click

With built in feedback system to help prevent gum damage

Brushing too hard can damage teeth and gums. Click has a unique feedback system that helps you brush safely.

If you feel the handle 'Click' back when you brush, you are pressing too hard. Reduce your brushing pressure and the handle will return to its normal position and you can continue to brush.

  • Built in feedback system lets you know when you're brushing too hard

  • Multi level filaments for a deeper clean

  • End rounded filaments

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Product reviews

Best ever toothbrush

Wisdom Click is the best ever toothbrush. Still, if you brush wrong, you can get gum recession even with this one. You must brush down on the top teeth and up on the bottom teeth. You must never brush across the teeth along the gum line - that is what will cause gum recession.
By Steve Lowman

Click toothbrushes by Wisdom

These brushes are wonderful for sensitive gums as you can't brush too hard. Have use them for about 2 years
By Cynthia Holmes