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September 2016 - Dental Review Hygiene Maintenance in Implant Patients Read more
'Wisdom’s Lorraine Pretty outlines the important of oral hygiene maintenance to dental implant patients'
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August 2016 - Dental Review Don’t waste the brace Read more
'To help optimise dental hygiene routines and help patients achieve the very best results, you can recommend Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes.'
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July 2016 - Dental Review Have your patients tried Wisdom Clean Between interdental brushes yet? Read more
'Providing an easy-to-use and highly effective alternative to traditional floss and wire interdental brushes'
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June 2016 - DS Mag Why Wisdom Toothbrushes Remain on Top Read more
'The range of proven solutions from Wisdom Toothbrushes demonstrates why the company has remained a leader in oral healthcare for more than 235 years.'
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June 2016 - Dental Review Effective Oral Care at Home with Wisdom Interdental Brushes Read more
'Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes have been hlinically proven to reduce gingival disease and recommended by 100% of dentists polled.'
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June 2016 - DS Mag Wisdom Effective Home Care Read more
'Clinically proven to reduce gingival disease, discover the unique Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes today.'
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May 2016 - DS Mag A Highly Recommended Solution Read more
'For over 235 years Wisdom has been supplying the UK with a range of oral care products.'
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April 2016 - DS Mag Simple but Effective Read more
'As delegates discovered at The Dentistry Show 2016, the Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes are an ideal adjunct to patients’ oral health regime.'
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April 2016 - DS Mag Reduce Gingival Disease with Wisdom Read more
'Featuring a tapered, wire-free design, the micro-fine rubber filaments flex to clean easily between the teeth whilst the soft material ensures they’re gentle on the gums'
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March 2016 - Dental Review Help patients improve oral health during NSM Read more
'Help make sure patients have the tools to improve their oral health for this year’s National Smile Month'
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Feb 2016 - GDPUK Building on 235 years of expertise Read more
'To say that Wisdom has a pedigree in toothbrush design is an understatement.'
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